Schedule Orthopedic and Posture course II

I. Course on Aplil 10

α How to feel, how to use the mechanism….. The “Spings”. Jean Lé an Michel Bachot

This course aims to familiarize those who do not have the habit of working with mechanisme and springs  (2 to 4 h)

 β Meeting with table trainners. (2 to 4 hours) I will work with américan table trainners


II. A “mechanical point of view ”. Day 0ne on April 11

α Introduction. Paul Lee

 β What is posture; lecture  Eric Dolgin

 γ The feet, legs, pelvis, spine…; lecture and labs.  Maurice Bensoussan (MB)

 δ The eyes; lecture and labs. Jean Lé

 ε The ears; lecture and labs.  Michel Bachot

 ζ Fulcrum of Sutherland; lecture and lab.  Zina Pelkey

η A proposal to treat scoliosis; lecture and labs.  MB


III. A “neurological point of view”. Day two on April 12

α Ascending and descending neurological pathways; lecture and labs.  MB

β Vestibular nuclei, thalamus, cortex, cerebellum, … connections ... ; lecture and labs.  MB

γ Eyes and connections; lecture and labs. Jean Lé with MB

δ Ears and connections; lecture and labs.  Michel Bachot  with MB

ε Legs and connections; lecture and labs.  MB

ζ Integration; lecture and labs.  MB


η Tinnitus and dizziness; lecture and labs.  MB

Θ Retinal detachment; lecture and labs. MB


IV. The link between “mechanic and neurology”. Day three on April  13

Lecture and labs.   MB