Fulford's Hammer

          The introduction to Dr Fulford’s philosophy of Life and Basic Percussion Course” is the first segment of a two-part program presented by Paula EschtruthDO FCA, Sarah Saxton DO and Zina Pelkey DO FCA. The purpose of this course is to achieve an understanding of Dr. Robert Fulford’s philosophy in his approach to treating the whole body and in his use of the percussion hammer. Drs. Eschtruth and Saxton both worked extensively with Dr. Fulford and are committed to sharing their knowledge and continuing his work.

          Robert Fulford, D.O. (1905-1997), a 1937 graduate of Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery, was a much loved and revered legend in the Osteopathic profession. He was recognized for his greatness and was brought out of retirement several times in order to teach and continue his work. In addition to a strong foundation in the teachings of Dr. Still, Dr. Sutherland and Dr. Arbuckle, he immersed himself in numerous scientific and philosophic studies, with a particular focus on subtle energies and health. He developed and taught a unique and invaluable philosophy and technique, including the percussion hammer, integrating all of his knowledge, wisdom and experience to heal his patients and mentor other physicians. He was open-minded, always learning, and ahead of his time.

He taught that  “The human body is composed of complex interflowing streams of moving energy. When these energy streams become blocked or constricted we lose the physical, emotional and mental fluidity potentially available to us. If the blockage lasts long enough or is great enough, the result is pain discomfort, illness and distress.” Robert C. Fulford, DO.

          In this course, Drs. Eschtruth, Saxton, and Pelkey will share their knowledge derived from working directly with Dr. Fulford and applying the principles of his unique osteopathic viewpoint to their personal and professional lives. Philosophic discussions and hands-on practice will be complimented by personal stories of their time with Dr. Fulford. Get to know Dr. Fulford in a more personal manner and gain a greater understanding of his work so you can more effectively find health in your patients.