Cours viscéral  Orlando 2011

Course director Pr M Bensoussan

in Orlando 2011


Schedule of the course:

Heart and Lungs ( day 1)

1.   1.The Lungs and Pleura

Pleura Ligaments. Bronchial tubes. Pulmonary parenchyma. Vascularization

                  Anatomy lecture, lab: diagnosis and treatment

2.   2.The Heart and pericardium

Ligaments. Pericardium. Myocardium . Vascularization. Neurology

                  Anatomy lecture, lab:diagnosis and treatment


Abdominal viscera ( day 2 and 3)

1.   3. A general point of view…. Some new tools?

    Fulcrum of Sutherland. Some information’s on visceral vascularization, on visceral  neurology.

             Anatomy lecture, lab: diagnosis and treatment.


2.   4. Peritoneum and diaphragm. Liver. Gall bladder. Spleen. Stomach. Duodenum. Pancreas.  Ileum, Jejunum. Colon. Kidneys.