Plan de l'ICC 2013

Day 1 Friday November 15, 2013


Learn to carefully scrutinize the information about the cranial field, and the cerebrospinal fluid in particular, so as to criticize scientifically.  Do not base your thinking on matters that have been passed down through the ages without critical scrutiny. Study the animate human body as well as the cadaver.  Study the life principle and come closer to understanding what I mean by the "Breath of Life."

Dr. Still did his very best to introduce us to this phenomenon, but we were not ready for it.

-W.G. Sutherland, DO, DSc (hon) Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy p 6 

When palpating let your fingers light gently on the skull, on the abdomen, or anywhere on the patient's body.

Let your hands be like the bird lighting on the branch of a tree, quietly touching and then settling down over the area.

While your fingers are there feeling, seeing, thinking, and knowing, they can tell you more in one minute

than a firm grasp can gain in an hour's observation. You will train them to observe without interfering.

-W.G. Sutherland, DO, DSc (hon) Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy p 151


7:00    Registration

8:00    Introduction                                                                      Goldman                 

8:15    Concept and History, ntroduction to the PRM                       Goldman

9:00    Palpatory Sensing Session, Fluid, Membrane, Bone                Bensoussan

10:00 Discussion in Small Groups                                          Faculty

 10:15 Development of the PRM                                     Bensoussan                        

 11:00 Palpatory Sensing Session                                              Goldman      

 11:45 Cranial Vault and Base: Bone Demo                 Le & Faculty

             12:15             Lunch

1:30    Reciprocal Tension Membrane                         Kingsbury               

 2:15    Sensing RTM           & Membrane                                              Kingsbury

 3:15    Discussion in Small Groups                                          Faculty

 3:30    Cranial Base: Anat and Phys Fxn                                   Pelkey          

4:15    Cranial Base: Anat and Phys Fxn            Lab                 Pelkey & Faculty


5:00    Cranial Cervical Junction Lec & Lab                 Bachot

            15-20 minute Lec then lab           

6:00    Adjourn and Faculty meeting

Day 2 Saturday November 16, 2013


"Within that cerebrospinal fluid there is an invisible element

that I refer to as the "Breath of Life."  I want you to visualize this Breath of Life

as a fluid within this fluid,  something that does not mix, something that has potency as the thing that makes it move." 

 -W.G. Sutherland, DSc (hon) Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy p 14



8:00    Review / Recap                                                              Goldman

8:30    Temporal Bone Anat & Phys Lecture                         Goldman      

9:45    Temporal Bone Table Session                                 Goldman & Faculty

            Sensing Temporal bone motion with   Posterior Cranial Fossa Contact and Vault hold

10:30 Discussion in Small Groups                                          Faculty

10:45 Sacrum: Anat & Phys Fxn-Lecture                                Theze

11:10 Sacrum: Anat & Phys Fxn -Table Session                    Theze & Faculty

11:40 Core Link    Brief Intro then Lab                                        Leglise                                                                                                                                          

12:15    Lunch

1:30    Patterns of Cranial Base: Trsn/SBR                       Meunier Guttin-Cluzel

2:00    Patterns-Trsn/SBR Table                                               Meunier & Faculty

2:45    Cranial Base: Vert/Lat Strain/Compression           Meunier

3:15    Discussion in Small Groups                                          Faculty

3:30    Patterns-Vert/Lat Strain/Compression                      Meunier & Faculty

4:15    CSF & Fluid Motion & Potency                                Kingsbury

4:45    Sensing fluid Motion                                                        Kingsbury & Faculty

5:30    Adjourn

5:45    Faculty Meeting

Day 3 Sunday November 17, 2013


Visualize the cerebrospinal fluid as alive.

In all respects see all tissue within the skull as alive as well as the skull itself.

In this way one can draw closer to the anatomical physiological mental picture;  the picture that

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still possessed which was the key to his diagnosis and treatment."

-W.G. Sutherland, DSc (hon)


8:00    Review                                                                           Goldman                 

8:30    Facial Bones Anat & Phys Fxn Lecture                     Bensoussan

9:30    Facial Bones: Demo Table session                               Bensoussan

            Build Face with Bones

10:00 Discussion in Small Groups                                           Faculty

10:15 Facial Bones: A & P Table Session                                Bensoussan

            Sense Facial Motion

11:00 Cranial Vault           Anat & Phys Lecture                    Le

            Includes Venous Sinuses see Chapt X, TSO

11:30 Cranial Vault Table Session                                           Le & Faculty

            Sense Vault Motion

12:15 Lunch

1:30    Principles of Diagnosis                                                  Pelkey

2:15    Principles of Dx Inducing Motion:                                Meunier       

Diagnosis of the Sphenobasilar Junction

3:00    Discussion in Small Groups                                          Faculty

3:15    Diagnosis of the SB Jxn- Table                                  Meunier & Faculty

            Sensing SBJ through vault hold. Motion

Testing without tx 

3:45    Infants and Children: Dx Tx -Lecture                           Pelkey

            Including birth trauma. Special problems

Eg. Down’s Syndrome, CP, etc. Toddler

trauma including learning to walk.

Developing children.

 4:35    Management of CSF Fluctuation                                 Kingsbury

5:20    Alternating Lateral Fluctuation of CSF Lab              Kingsbury & Faculty

 6:00    Adjourn       

 6:15 Faculty Meeting

Day 4 Monday November 18, 2013


Applied physiology has been a living part of my professional life.

The depth of these little things as seen in the science of osteopathy leads to a view of possibilities

as great as the magnitude of the heavens.

-W.G. Sutherland, DSc (hon) Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy p 100



8:00    Review                                                                             Goldman

8:30    Principles and Methods of Tx-Lec                                Goldman                                         

9:30    Sacrum- Dx Tx-Lecture/Table Session                   Theze & Faculty                            

                       15-20 minutes then table

10:15 Discussion in Small Groups                                          Faculty

10:30 Temporal Bones: Dx Tx -Lecture                                  Goldman      

11:00  Temporal Bones: Dx Tx -Table Session                      Goldman & Faculty

            5 finger temporal OM and directing tide V-spread 

12:00 Lunch           

1:15    Cranial Vault: Dx Tx -Lecture                                            Le

            Includes Venous Sinuses

1:35    Cranial Vault: Dx Tx -Table Session                            Le & Faculty

            Lifts & Spreads Frontal & Parietal

2:30    S-B Junction Dx & BMT Tx –Lec/Lab                       Leglise & Faculty

            Brief Intro to BMT to set up lab 15-20 minutes

            Work at tables with trainers for the rest of the hour

3:30    Discussion in Small Groups                                               Faculty

 3:45    Management of CSF: CV4-Lec/Lab                              Kingsbury

            Anne’s article & Introduce CV4

 5:00    Infants and Children: Intraosseous                                 Pelkey

Occiput / CCJ-Table Session

            Condylar decompression Base Spread OA again

 5:45    Adjourn

 6:00    Faculty meeting

Day 5 Tuesday November 19, 2013


To the digger who will take time to dream and the dreamer who will wake up and dig,

Dr. Andrew Taylor's science of osteopathy will unfold into a magnitude equal to that of the heavens.

-WG Sutherland  Contributions of  Thought p 223

I do not claim to be the author of this science of Osteopathy.

No human hand framed its laws; I ask no greater honor than to have discovered it.

-A.T. Still Autobiography p 302


8:00    Review / Recap                                                                                 Goldman

8:30    Infants and Children: Clinical Mngmt-Lecture                               Pelkey

 9:15    Facial Bones: Dx Tx -Lecture/Table Session                       Bensoussan & Faculty         

 10:15 Discussion in Small Groups                                                               Faculty

 10:30 Mandible and TMJ- Dx Tx –Lecture                                               Bachot                     

 11:00   Mandible and TMJ Table Session                                         Bachot & Faculty               

 11:30 Clinical Application -Lecture                                                       Kingsbury

 12:15 Lunch                                                          

 1:15    Group Picture

 1:30    Observational Diagnosis Lec/Lab                                                Leglise

15 mins pictures showing strain patterns and how to diagnose

them through observation then participants dx each other

 2:15    Q&A-Panel                                                Goldman, Pelkey, Kingsbury, Bensoussan & Bachot

 3:00    DSG                                                                                                 

 3:15  Practical Examination                                                                    Faculty

 4:45  Check Participant Mechanism                                                       Faculty

 5:30  Adjourn